Providing Medical Care

The Guerrero Clinic provides eyedental and other medical care to the indigent people within the state of Chihuahua and other parts of Mexico. 

We serve multiple populations including Mexican, Mennonite, and Tarahumara Indians.

We provide volunteer opportunities for medical and non-medical people, adults, students (high school age and up) and families. It is a great experience for parent/child or grandparent/child to share. 

While this is a Rotary clinic, volunteers participate from other service organizations such as Lions clubs, health care organizations and the general public.

Accommodations - Family run motel 2 miles from clinic on the edge of an apple orchard.

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90 Second Intro

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Summer clinic was an amazing success.

800 eye exams led to
211 cataract surgeries performed and
hundreds of glasses dispensed.

We had optometrists, ophthalmologists, techs. dentists, general medicine docs, students and non-medical volunteers from both sides of the border.

Ages ranged from teens to 75. About 1/2 were new to the clinic 

People (from both sides of the border) helping People

The Guerrero Clinic: Helping peole for over 40 yearsLocated in the town of Guerrero, Chihuahua, Mexico for over 25 years.

Next Clinic 
Fall 2023: Mon Oct 2nd thru Sat Oct 7th.
Travel Days: Depart Sun Oct 1st,  Return Sun Oct 8th.

We have filled all of volunteer spots. Please consider joining us for an upcoming clinic.
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Robert Yudkin

Elsa Branson

Isabel Schmitt


Walter Branson

Luis Cabrera

Tom Pruett, OD


Mexican Administrator