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The dates for the fall clinic are Sunday 9/24 to 9/30 (or 10/1).  The application for the fall clinic is found in the 2nd tab on the left labeled "2017 Fall Application".

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For More Information or Special Travel Circumstances, Contact:

Robert Yudkin       (214) 213-6808 or

Walter Branson     (979-236-1970

The Guerrero Clinic provides eye, dental and other medical care to the indigent people within the state of Chihuahua and other parts of Mexico. 


We serve multiple populations including Mexican, Mennonite, and the Tarahumara Indians.

We provide volunteer opportunities for medical and non-medical people, students (high school age and up) and families.  it is a great experience for parent/child or grandparent/child to share. Volunteering at the clinic is a fun and exciting way for students to earn community service hours. It also provides needed experience and application material for students looking at college or medical careers.


While having language skills in either Spanish or German are helpful, they are not necessary.

Our clinics are staffed by volunteers from both the United States and Mexico. Below is a sample schedule.

  • Day 0: Travel day for those taking evening flights from either Houston or Dallas.
  • Day 1: Travel day is taking a morning flight. Orientation and training at the clinic.  A few patients are generally seen in the late afternoon.
  • Days 2-4:  Patients are seen. Surgeries are performed
  • Day 5: Post Ops are seen first thing in the morning. Students driving back to Houston depart first thing. For everyone else, an optional day trip to the Copper Canyon is usually planned. Volunteers not opting for the canyon trip will head back to Chihuahua City for some sight seeing and/or R&R. Dinner as a group is arranged in the city for those not going to the canyon.
  • Day 6: Travel day with flights departing back to the USA early in the morning.


There are generally 3 eye/dental clinics per year - spring (March or April), Summer (late June or July), and fall (September or October).


There is also one plastic surgery clinic per year.


Between 750 and 1,000 patients are seen during a clinic. Cataract or other surgery is performed on approximately one quarter of the seen patients.  Glasses are prescribed, manufactured and fitted when appropriate for patients.


All patients are treated at no charge to them. The clinic is told that it provides approximately 60% of the indigent eye care in the state of Chihuahua.


If volunteering is not for you, we appreciate cash or in-kind donations to help us keep the lights on and provide high quality services to those in need who cannot afford.

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Wating for Cataract Surgery
Morning after Cataract Surgery

Results of the The Guerrero Spring Eye 2017 Clinic

We had a great and successful clinic. Here are the statistics.

  • 1,056    Patients seen
  •    202    Cataract surgeries
  •        2    Pterigium surgeries
  •      24    Yag laser
  •      12    Retina patients
  •    648    Glasses dispensed
  •      22    Municipalities suppying patients

Through a Patient's Eyes:
A True Story From Our Clinic By Cynthia West