Guerrero Clinic

Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions

Potential volunteers typically start with the same 4 questions.

  1. Is it safe?
  2. What will I do?
  3. Where do we stay?
  4. Do I need to speak Spanish


Is It Safe?  

The clinic has been in its current location for over 15 years and has not experienced any problems. 

The city of Guerrero is not near the border.

It is on an East-West route rather than a North-South route.

 The clinic is not involved in law enforcement, drug distribution or politics.  

It provides free health care to a country's population that cannot afford it and does not have access to it. We have seen over 50,000 patients since Dr. Pruett first came to Mexico.

Could something happen? Yes. But something could happen here in the states, too. Just listen to the news. That being said, we do not do stupid stuff and we stay in touch with the authorities. We have strong relations with the local and state governments. Specific questions can be addressed by our Director, Walter Branson (see Contact Us page). 
What will I do?  
Volunteering at the Guerrero clinic is all about attitude. Except for the skilled licensed medical roles, we will train volunteers to fill positions.
    See the Volunteer Roles tab for more specific information


Where do we stay? 
We stay at a family run motel that is less than 2 miles from the clinic and borders the family's apple orchard. 

It is clean and comfortable. All rooms have private bathrooms and heat.  

It has limited wifi that does not always work. 

There are outlets in the rooms but no TV or Radio.  

It has a view of the stars at night that is unsurpassed.  At 7,000 feet elevation without city lights, the view is spectacular on clear nights.

The volunteer fee includes shared housing which means we have roommates. Single rooms may be available for an additional charge.
Do I need to speak Spanish?
Most of our patients speak Spanish although we also serve a Mennonite community where German is spoken.

While it is helpful to speak Spanish and/or German, it is not necessary. We have translators to help those of us who speak only English.
...It's All About People Helping People...