Providing Medical Care

The Guerrero Clinic provides eyedental and other medical care to the indigent people within the state of Chihuahua and other parts of Mexico. 

We serve multiple populations including Mexican, Mennonite, and Tarahumara Indians.

We provide volunteer opportunities for medical and non-medical people, adults, students (high school age and up) and families. It is a great experience for parent/child or grandparent/child to share. 

While this is a Rotary clinic, volunteers participate from other service organizations such as Lions clubs, health care organizations and the general public.

90 Second Intro

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Accommodations - Family run motel 2 miles from clinic on the edge of an apple orchard.



Robert Yudkin

Elsa Branson

Isabel Schmitt



Walter Branson

Luis Cabrera

Mexican Administrator


Tom Pruett, OD



40 years of helping thousands of people and now the clinic needs YOUR help!

All 2020 clinics were canceled for the safety of our patients and volunteers.

Normal clinic operations took a devastating hit. Because no surgeries were performed this year, the clinic received no monetary assistance from the Mexican government which has relied on the clinic to perform surgeries to its underserved populations.

We grew over the last decade in terms of number of buildings and (four full time) employees in Mexico to handle both the growth and government licensing mandates. The clinic’s average yearly operating costs are $80,000.

We hoped a larger fall clinic would recapture many of the funds, but because it was cancelled, along with the other 2020 clinics, we must now find a way to raise money.

The clinic needs a lifeline to carry it into 2021. Our goal is to raise $50,000 before Thanksgiving. Will you help?

We have various sponsorship levels

Diamond $5,000
Platinum $2,500
Gold $1,000
Care $500

It costs a person $350 to volunteer at our clinic (plus a few hundred for airfare). If everyone in our Guerrero family would donate at least what it costs to volunteer for one clinic, then we will be positioned to again help those in need as soon as it is safe for both our patients and our volunteers.

All amounts are greatly appreciated! We look forward to seeing you all again, either in the states or back in Guerrero. Thank you for your help. .

(preferred method - no fees to you or clinic)